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Thoughts on Fido

A sweet 1950’s world with swing dresses, red lipstick, white picket fences … and then some space dust causes the dead to come alive again and society is changed forever.

There’s a lot of things going on in this film.

When you can tame death itself, what fear is there anymore? Whether you believe in an afterlife or nothingness, zombies do kind of take the mystery out of death.

The zombies in this film are very much victims. Mostly, what you die of doesn’t matter, you’ll become a zombie – except for decapitation. Since the dead started to rise, anyone who can afford a funeral gets a seperate¬† head casket. Can’t afford a funeral? You’ll become a zombie!

Zombies are domesticated creatures through the creation of an electronic collar to control their instincts. You’ll see them at home serving dinner or at the mall carrying your shopping. They are a product, a slave without the problem of morals or ethics.

But how people treat each other is, of course, important too. Being the 1950’s, women belong in the home, children should be seen and not heard, and men go to the golf range. The main character, Timmy, has a loving mother and a father who rather tends to ignore him. His zombie is Fido (played beautifully by Billy Connolly), the zombie with a heart of gold.

Behind everything is the corporation ZomCom which defends the protected zones and keeps your tame zombies in tip top shape!

The dynamics of society in Fido is damned interesting, but also it’s just a great entertaining movie for anyone. There’s not a lot of gore, there’s no sex or swearing, but a lot of awesome pinup clothing!