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Warm Bodies

I have to make a stance on people whining about how this movie will be a “Twilight with zombies”. Clearly they’ve never read the book!

Isaac Marion brings to life a rich world with deep meaning with Warm Bodies.

Zombie romance is really not new, and it’s very much opposite vampire romance. Zombie romance looks for love in the weirdest place imaginable – there aren’t many zombies you can sympathise with when they want your flesh/brains.

But zombie romance like I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It and Generation Dead (series) and Warm Bodies are some of the most intelligent paranormal romances I’ve ever read (and I’m not a big fan of the subgenre by any means). They delve into what’s important, they look to respect others, to equality, and the limit of humans to accept what is different. It’s been the same throughout zombie literature for decades – society couldn’t accept a Frankenstein’s monster any more than they could accept people of coloured skin (race is very big in zombie literature, particularly in early zomlit. See ‘White Zombie’ with Bela Lugosi, as one example.) When it comes to zombies, it’s every man for himself and he forgets society and community to save himself above all others, which makes for a lot of jerks!

One of the biggest thing in zomlit isn’t about the zombies at all, but about humans and how willing people are to give up kindness, respect, and those emotions that make us human. Zombies should be the great equaliser of man, when we all come together to survive, but our petty politics and infighting doom us all.

I was a bit weirded out in the beginning of Warm Bodies, even for all my zombie loving, but the story challenges you and changes you.

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If you see any of these covers, go buy it! (The first is the audio version)